How to Sight in a Barnett 4×32 Crossbow Scope: Expert Guide

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Last updated: August 08, 2023
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Trying to sight with crossbow scopes for the first time can be confusing. But, thankfully, the Barnett 4×32 is relatively easy, even for beginners. If you have never used a scope before in any capacity, you may find the concepts and terminology foreign to you. However, do not fear. The variables involved in the Barnett crossbow scope are limited. So, as soon as you understand the technology, then, you will be good to go. In this article, we will reveal to you the process of how to sight in a Barnett 4×32 crossbow scope.

Why do you need to sight in your crossbow scope?

How to Sight in a Barnett 4x32 Crossbow Scope: Expert GuideScopes are optical devices designed to facilitate and improve accuracy in long-distance shots. The advantages of such an optical sight in relation to conventional sights is very great due to several characteristics. The most important of this is the magnifying factor, that is, the advantage of bringing a sniper close to the target.

The Barnett model specifically has a four times magnification and a 32mm diameter objective. That is, it means that an object observed through it will present itself to the human eye as if it were 4 times closer. Or, in other words, its size will be increased by 4 times more.

This makes it a perfect option for snipers looking for an up-grade accessory with excellent durability.

They are the dream of every sniper, as it gives the impression of ensuring greater accuracy and range of shots.

However, many believe that shooting with a scope is easier. But that’s not true. The effectiveness of a scope is directly linked to the quality of the scope, the weapon, and especially the skill and technical knowledge of the sniper.

They need to know how to do the proper installation, how to regulate it, recognize all the variables relevant to the shot, know the ballistics of his rifle, and the selected projectile. Anyway, a scope shot is MUCH more technical than an open sight and red-dot.

We recommend this type of equipment for those who already have a certain experience with shooting, and have deeper knowledge in ballistics.

They are indicated for fixed shots, with the weapon perfectly aligned and stopped, and, preferably, in immobile targets, at medium and long distance. This equipment is not indicated for short-range shots.

How to sight in a Barnett 4×32 crossbow scope step by step

How to Sight in a Barnett 4x32 Crossbow Scope: Expert GuideAssuming the scope has been correctly installed, take the following steps:

1. Establish a level position from which to shoot

First, you are more likely to want to use a bipod or a tripod to establish a flat platform. Either one will produce the result you are looking for. Note that you should stay about 20 yards at least away from your target. Once you have a nice stable platform to shoot from. Now, establish a relationship between your eye and crossbow. Your eye needs to be as far as possible from the crossbow so as not to create physical contact and causing the recoil to send back the crossbow to your face. Once you have established this spatial relationship and can see a clear picture through the scope, proceed to the next step.

2. Align Reticle

If you don’t properly align the reticle to wind and elevation, chances are your shot will be missed to one side or the other. The further you are from the target, the greater the gap will be.

3. Set the minute of angle

The MOA allows you to view your crossbow over long distances in a more accurate way. Generally, on 1/4 inches MOA, you have to turn the device’s elevation, or wind knob till you hear four clicks so you can adjust the targeting from 1 inch to 100 yards.

4. Practice

Once you’ve settled the details, perform some practice shots at targets you must have predetermined.


Below are some points to take into account:

  • You may find that the crossbow aiming procedure takes some getting used to. You may need to make some adjustments before seeing satisfactory results. However, as soon as you complete this process, you wouldn’t need to relearn it.
  • The protective caps covering the knobs for adjusting the crossbow scopes can have a nasty habit of pulling away when you are not looking. Never put them on the ground or elsewhere. Once you’ve taken them off, always have them in the pocket.

Final word

As is the case with most other things, there are great crossbows, good crossbows, and crossbows that just take up space. The Barnett 4 x 32 is easy to use but there are some technical details to take care of first, especially if it’s your first. Now that you’ve seen how to sight in a Barnett 4×32 crossbow scope, make use of the tips and steps provided to get the best out of your crossbow scope.

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